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We are purchasing or buying any historical artifacts. Please call 508-888-1888 if you are looking to sell or request an estimate here.

Historical artifacts give you a rare look into how people lived and worked during their time! What may have seemed ordinary to them is now a captivating historical piece to us in the modern day. Historical artifacts showcase the ingenuity, creativity, and perseverance of the men and women of history, and show us how they not only survived without the modern comforts we enjoy, but thrived and built a society that was meant to last. And here at Historical Antiques & Coins, we have one of the best collections of historical artifacts from across time for your review and purchase! More information coming soon… For more information about our collection of historical artifacts, or to schedule your own personal, no-obligation evaluation appointment, please call Historical Antiques & Coins at 508-888-1888.

Below is a sampling of the Historical Items we have available.  This inventory is subject to change and is far from a complete list of our current items.

 Rare 1899 President William McKinley signed Commission to Rear Admiral Franklin J Drake 1899.  Professionally framed and matted
Offered at $1,250

Warren Harding Oil Painting Sandwich, MA

Nice Vintage Oil Painting of President Warren Harding
Early 20th Century
Painting is signed Mitchell. Measures 36” by 30” in the frame
Offered at $675

Chester Arthur Oil Painting Sandwich, MA

Nice Vintage oil painting of President Chester Arthur late
19th Century. Painting has some condition issues, but still a decent looker.
Measures 33” by 30”
Offered at $475.00

 Very rare turn of the century New York 7th National Guard Banner. 
This amazing piece is constructed of heavy velour, bullion, and silk with outstanding detail!
More than likely a one of a kind piece and a true work of art.
Offered at $1,595

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